Important Dates

ITC 21:
15-17 September 2009


The 21st International Teletraffic Congress will take place on 15-17 September 2009 in the heart of Paris, France.

As from 2009, the International Teletraffic Congress is becoming an annual event, which brings together researchers interested in understanding and improving the way traffic is handled in communication networks. ITC is a unique place to present up to date progress in traffic theory for telecommunication and computer networks, such as network planning, traffic monitoring, characterization and modelling, flow and congestion control, etc. as well as in related applied sciences (queuing theory, optimization, simulation, etc.).

The last decade was dominated by the advent of the Internet. Now, the networking community is facing a rapid evolution and diversification of networks. The proliferation of broadband applications, the emergence of new technologies, changes in usage, etc. require the continual reappraisal of traffic management procedures and mechanisms as well as the development of new tools for understanding and modelling traffic and associated functions. As a matter fact, advances in optical and wireless technologies will open new possibilities for networks in the near future with new performance problems in terms of traffic management. Similarly, the massive emergence of video applications as well as the generalization of mobility will deeply modify the nature of traffic in the next few years. All these issues call for the design of new performance tools and models.

In addition, there is currently considerable activity worldwide on the design of new architecture principles and concepts for future networks. It is therefore essential to understand how technological innovations and content-centric networking will impact our ability to control traffic. New architectural elements and business models are needed to finally meet user expectations for quality and security of their communications in a cost-effective way. Such traffic and performance issues related to current modifications today's traffic as well as to the networks of the future are the focus of ITC 21.


Additionally, the conference comes at the right time to honor the centenary of the publication of the Danish mathematician A.K. Erlang’s famous article in 1909: “The Theory of Probabilities and Telephone Conversations”. This article, considered to be the first publication on queuing theory, was doubtlessly one of the cornerstones in the creation of the International Teletraffic Congress.

A special workshop supported by ITC has thus been organized in Denmark.