Announcement: Bursaries for Attending Future ITCs - See link below

Announcement: Bursaries for Attending Future ITCs


ITC-20 Commemorative Bursary




June 17-21, 2007 - Ottawa, Canada



Globally, network convergence is gaining momentum. Convergence occurs in different dimensions - applications, access, transport, network management.

  • What are the convergent forces driving the momentum?

  • What are the divergent forces to overcome?

  • How can teletraffic theory and engineering make network convergence a success?

Come to ITC-20 to share your research and experience, and learn from your peers, in:

  • Planning converged networks

  • Quality of service in converged networks

  • Traffic management of converged applications

  • Traffic and performance monitoring, measurements, and forecasting

  • Analytical models and methods

  • Performance analysis of multicast networks, networks for telemedicine and tele-education, sensor networks, ad-hoc networks, network computing, storage area networks

  • Self-management of network performance and reliability


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Thanks to the following partners for their in-kind contributions: 

Agile All-Photonic Networks (AAPN)

Réseaux agiles tout-photoniques (RATP)

Department of Systems and Computer Engineering